From Classic product line.
Dallas, Boston and Washington are the follow-up to our American range and represent three large garden houses full of light. The design with a wide glazed double door and two extra windows in the front wall is practical as it provides enough light yet allowing more alternatives for positioning furniture or storage shelves. The windows of Boston and Washington have a vent position while the large windows of Dallas are non-opening. These models can be supplied either with or without flooring as requested to make this range a very popular and affordable choice among our customers who prefer larger garden houses.
Use for
Wind-tight chalet connection
Wall thickness
28 mm
Wall dimensions
376x292 cm
Floor size
10.61 m2
Ridge height
233.7 cm
Wall height
193.8 cm
Front overhang
10 cm
Roof area
13.1 m2
Roof angle
1 x 1494 x 1850 mm
2 x 685 x 882 mm
440x118x43.5 cm
556 kg
  • Shingles