Lasita Maja Cabin contest together with Lasita Maja AS are launching an international architectural design contest for finding new and innovative solutions for modern prefabricated cabins and garden houses.

The object of the architectural design contest is to find innovative solutions for small-scale modular log and/or wooden cabins that have been developed in collaboration with architects, and that could be produced by AS Lasita Maja and distributed in Estonia, Germany, France and elsewhere.

In addition, the purpose of the contest is also to raise awareness among architects about the modern technologies and possibilities of prefabricated cabins, as well as to increase the export of AS Lasita Maja.

Member of the jury, architect Sille Pihlak: “The lumber industry has an important role in Estonian economy in terms of its workforce, machinery and production capacity. Log cabins that have not been designed by architects or any kind of wooden substance that we export and that has not been “touched” by designers retreats to nothing more than just being raw material.

When the real estate developers and lumber industry would regard architects (and designers) as their everyday partners, the value of the initial stock would increase and the much needed innovation would come by in more than one economical field.

This can be easily achieved when we would combine the professionalism of our architects and the industries with the knowledge of local resources.

The present contest is a search for talents who would - in collaboration with industries who use local materials - add value to their production. This kind of product development allows us to achieve more and to defy competition both on the local an on international markets.”

The winners of the design contest will be invited for long-term collaboration to develop series of modular prefabricated cabins.

The competition brief has been approved by Estonian Association of Architects.

The deadline for submitting the design proposals is February 7, 2017 and the winners will be announced within a month.

The bonus fund available for the competition is 8500 EUR and it is divided as following:

1st prize – 3000€, 2nd prize – 2500€, 3rd prize – 2000€, and 2 honourable mentions each 500€.

There are five members in the jury: Stefan Straif (Gartenpro GmbH, Austria) Franck Mauxion (OLGFrance, France) Karli Luik (architect, Estonia) Raul Kalvo (architect, Estonia) and Sille Pihlak (architect, Estonia).